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Motivational Quotes


Iyanla Vanzant - Inspirational Speaker, Spiritual Teacher, Author, Lawyer and Television Personality

"Everyone has a purpose because God is a purposeful God."

"Before you find out who you are, you have to figure out who you aren't."

"If you are afraid to take a chance, take one anyway. What you don't do can create the same regrets as the mistakes you make."

"Every day is your day if you claim it. If you wait for somebody else to make it for you, you're going to be disappointed."

"All things are lessons God would have you learn, and the best students get the hardest tests."

"Act the way you want to be and soon you will be the way you act."

"When you have something to do, life will not allow you to move forward until you do it."

"We must fill our minds with a truth loud enough to drown our the incessant defeatist voice of the negative ego."

Updated: May 8, 2019